Stunning and fast-paced soccer game at the international level


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  • Category Sport
  • License Trial version
  • Size 224.23 MB
  • Works under Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by Easports

FIFA 06 is a sport themed game related to the FIFA World Cup 2006.

FIFA 06 World Cup for PC takes place in the 2006 summer football (America soccer) game hosted in Germany. Developed by EA games, FIFA 06 is rated E for Everyone and can be played by young football enthusiasts as well as older ones. The EA version is the only official game of the 2006 World Cup, and features 127 available teams from all countries for play. Up to 24 top players can be unlocked in the game, and as in real-life football, there are options for practice, quick match, and penalty shoot-outs. Additionally there is a FIFA lounge mode, final tournament games, and global-challenge scenarios.

The default mode for play in FIFA 06 is called semi-pro. This is not as tough as it sounds as the computer's AI is easy to beat on this setting. Most players start at World Cup Mode because they can play for and against any of the FIFA teams no matter how far they made it through to the finals. Qualifying round game play can be had from the perspective of South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and North America. The final 32 teams are also available to play right from the start.

Those players that have become proficient in virtual soccer will find a challenge in the (unlockable) Perfect difficulty level, which is extremely challenging yet still possible to beat.

The FIFA 06 global challenge offers a chance to jump into the middle of a game from a former World Cup series in 40 situations. The challenge is to win even if the team you are playing lost the real game.

Players can play against friends, co-play, play over the Internet, or against the computer depending upon preference. New additions to FIFA 06 include the unlockable star players, a new shooting mechanism, and the always popular yet fresh penalty shootout. New goalie functions have been added allowing left and right, dance, and jump moves to their repertoire. Play as or alongside virtual versions of David Beckham, Michael Owen, Ronaldinho, or Alessandro Del Piero and each come with their own set of skills.

Game animations include flyover shots of the grounds for FIFA 06 where players can see individual crowd members. The crowd details are excellent, with nearly every spectator carrying confetti, balloons, and streamers. The soundtrack for the game has offerings from 14 different countries. Pre-match announcers include trivia about the World Cup as well as different stories about the teams and players. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend serve as announcers, and background sound includes roars and chants from the crowd (as well as those streamers, balloons, and confetti).


  • Excellent graphics
  • Heart pounding play
  • Realistic crowds


  • Top players who are unlocked always play with their home-country team
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